All account applications are reviewed the same business day they are submitted. They are usually approved within minutes!

No! You can buy singles of anything.

No! There is no minimum for opening or ongoing orders.

Yes! You can switch shades for no charge.

FlowDecor does not sell to consumers. We do not have our own retail or online stores. If you are a consumer trying to buy our product please check out our store locator.

Yes! We are typically 95% in stock. You can see everything that is in stock here.

Yes! We drop ship next day, there is no additional fee.

We follow a matrix that determines freight based on the dollar value of your order. Please email Customer Service to receive a copy. Or you can add things to your basket and you will see the freight amount before checking out.

US and International customers ship from Memphis, TN. Canadian customers ship from Bolton, ON.

In the US, the vast majority of orders go by FedEx. In Canada most go by Canpar, or in the GTA by local courier. There is the odd item that must ship by truck.

US orders ship next business day from Memphis. Canadian orders ship within a week.

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